Types of Cases

The list below are examples of some of the types of cases we can help with and includes some supporting information. 

Alimony: Verify income and assets for the purposes of lowering, raising, or stopping payments.

Child Custody: Survey matters that can establish safe place for children. 

Child SupportVerify income and assets for the purposes of lowering, raising, or stopping payments.

Civil: Cases involving private persons in court. We can help get the information you need.

Corporate: Investigation regarding the legality and safety of a business or entity. 

Criminal: Investigation when a crime has been alleged. 

Divorce: When finances, assets, child support/ custody, alimony, and other items need investigating. 

Employment & Contractor: When an employee or employer has a cause for information to be sought. 

Fidelity & Cheating Spouse: When a partner suspects something's not right in the relationship. 

Financial & Asset: Discovery of financial and asset information. 

Fraud: Gathering information on deliberate deception. 

Health Care Fraud: Insurance, Pharmacy, Medical specific cases. 

Interviews & Statements: When information is needed and documented. 

Missing Persons: When the whereabouts of a person is sought. 

Pharmacy: Inaccurate RX directions, bait and switch, compound pharmacy, billing, and other issues. 

Prenuptial: Finances, assets, relationships, background, and other information is sought before marriage. 

Problem Solving: Accused of wrongdoing? Unable to manage risk? Being taken advantage of? 

Research: Information gathering for a plethora of reasons. 

Whistleblower: See wrongdoing at work? Ethical and legal problems where you work?

Workman's Comp & Personal Injury: Injury claims and health investigated. 

Wrongful Termination: Been fired for an unlawful reason? Been pushed out? 

Wrongfully Accused : If you have been wrongfully accused of an act you have not done.