Wrongfully Accused

Wrongfully Accused Investigations: Proving innocence may seem easy, especially with "right" on your side, but it can be difficult. 

The Government invests very little in freeing the wrongfully accused and wrongfully convicted.

When a crime is reported, the initial police investigation is crucial to determining who the suspect or perpetrator is. The failure of law enforcement to conduct an adequate investigation can lead to a wrongfully accused person. Once a wrongful accusation has been made, the error may or may not be discovered before a conviction takes place.

The leading cause of wrongful convictions is eyewitness misidentification. The conditions under which the witness observed the events taking place can lead to an inaccurate description of the suspect. In addition, the incorrect administration of an eyewitness identification procedure can also lead to the wrong person being picked. For example, a witness may identify the suspect as the person they saw using a six-pack photo lineup but the photos of the non-suspect do not match the description given by the witness.


False confessions can also play a role. Police must use proper techniques when interrogating a suspect or witness. For example, interrogating a suspect for several hours straight or verbally abusing a suspect during questioning can cause a person to sign a false confession. Additionally, a witness may intentionally or unintentionally give false information to police, leading to a person being wrongfully accused.

Forensic science also plays a key role during police investigations. Failure to properly secure or investigate a crime scene can lead to the destruction or non-collection of key forensic evidence that can provide clues as to who committed the crime. For example, if DNA evidence is not collected, collected improperly, or stored improperly, then the inmate will have difficulty using post-conviction DNA testing years later to prove their innocence.

Surveillance and witness testimony are the best way to prove these factors, and that is where our dedicated investigators can help assist in providing our customers with the best opportunity to prove their case.

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*Wrongfully Accused investigations need a minimum of 3 hours. This is to ensure a minimum standard of quality. If more hours are desired for a more thorough investigation, both the customer and investigator will communicate that need. Customers are never charged without their approval. 



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