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We are competitive and passionate about solving our clients' problems. Our St. Louis private investigators provide quality Surveillance and Investigation services. We also conduct comprehensive Background Checks, Countersurveillance, Audio/Video Debugging, Interview & Statement services, along with Problem Solving, and Juror Consulting services to help our clients achieve needed objectives and goals.

Based out of Kansas City, MO, we service Missouri & Kansas, including the St. Louis, MO metro area. Some of the areas we service, but are not limited to:

St. Louis and Surrounding Metro Area

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    Contact Info: 

    Phone: (844) 426-6370 Toll Free Nation Wide

    Phone: (314) 669-6922 St. Louis




    Our services include:

    • Investigations
    • Surveillance
    • GPS Tracking
    • Interviews & Statements
    • Background Checks
    • Process Service
    • Information Gathering 
    • Problem Solving
    • Jury Research

    Things to remember:

    • We do not guarantee outcomes, but we work diligently, effectively, and tirelessly to provide the information our customers are seeking. 
    • Privacy and Confidentiality are part of our business philosophy, we will never discuss our clients cases with anyone.
    • Make sure to enter specific requests on the Shopping Cart Page. There are sections requesting information that will help us in your case.
    • Upload files on the Shopping Cart page if you would like for us to have pictures or documents that will help us in your case.

    Surveillance/ Investigation time estimates:

    • Unless you want the investigator to check on a piece of property, minimum of 3 hours is needed to ensure quality of service.
    • Most often, several days, at least a few hours a day, are needed to obtain verifiable and consistent information.