How Private Investigators Can Help in Your Divorce Case

How Private Investigators Can Help in Your Divorce Case

Going through a divorce certainly isn’t easy for anyone involved.

Whether you’re the one who filed with the courts or not, the process is almost always a long and drawn out one that can be an emotional roller coaster for both parties.

No matter whose fault, it’s typically the case that there are disagreements over those events which caused or contributed to the divorce, and the method of going through the divorce, and the practicalities of dividing obligations and assets.

While/When these events would regardless pose difficulties for a couple, they are sometimes worsened by not obtaining true information. That’s how one of our local private investigators in St. Louis, MO or Kansas City can help your divorce case.

Each side should want to see a fair settlement when the process is finally complete, but that can’t be reached unless the court has the necessary paperwork on hand before making a final decision. A licensed and professional private investigator can do that for you. Having someone who can work on your behalf to ensure that you’re treated fairly by the courts during a divorce proceeding is invaluable and can take a lot of pressure off your shoulders.

How can a Private Investigator Help A Divorce Case?

Some of a Private Investigator’s main jobs related to divorce includes:

Proving a "Fault Divorce"

If the case is classified as a "fault divorce" this means that blame for the divorce is placed on either the wife or the husband, depending on the case. If it is permissible in your state, some people will file for a "fault divorce" because it can directly affect alimony, child support and division of assets. If your case has been filed under those grounds, that fault must be proven to the court. This means that proof in the case must be gathered, organized and presented to the court. Of course, you have the ability to do this yourself, but that is not advisable for several reasons. 

You almost certainly haven’t been trained in this area, do not know the laws, and most judges will second guess anything you present due to being emotionally invested in the case. Whether you’ve obtained that information legally or not, and whether it’s accurate or not, there could still be suspicion on behalf of the court that you’ve fabricated the evidence in some way to support your case, an allegation that would be presented by your spouse’s attorney.

A private investigator for divorce, on the other hand, has been highly trained in gathering evidence in these types of cases. They know the laws they must operate within and are used to facing dangers when working in the field.


Child Support

Divorce can bring forth a negative side to many spouses the other has never seen. Nowhere is this more widespread than in connection to making financial contributions to child support.

It sometimes happens that one spouse will attempt to hide assets, delay wages, or misrepresent income in order to lessen legally-mandated childcare payments. A trained investigator can track down the real assets and income involved with such types of situations. An investigator's job is to impartially research and uncover the facts that will lead to a fair judgement of support payments. 

Child Custody

It’s not just child support that is an issue in divorce, but there is usually the matter of the child's welfare.  That is particularly the situation where adultery or alcohol/drug usage is in play. In those cases, one parent will fight for custody based upon the grounds of what is best for the child. Investigators are used to collect evidence of misconduct by the opposing spouse to be used in court. 

These are extremely serious concerns which have consequences more far reaching than just the divorce. Cases like child abuse or neglect can not only determine child custody, but bring serious criminal allegations against one parent. Again, Private Investigators can seek out and confirm or deny allegations regarding any of these activities.  

Asset Searches

Rarely are assets initially divided up where each spouse thinks they're getting a fair share. Whether the disagreements stem over mortgage responsibilities, gifts, car payments, or the like, investigators can find financial asset information from a variety of sources. Utilizing this research, attorneys can assemble a more accurate and fair plan for the division of assets. Private Investigators are specifically beneficial in scenarios where both partners suspect that assets re being hidden. It really is, unfortunately, quite common for one or both partners to attempt to hide their assets during the divorce proceeding and settlement process.


Just as it’s never a good idea to buy or sell a home without the assistance of a real estate agent, it’s also never a good idea to gather evidence for court without the use of a professional investigator. Not only are they an impartial third party, recognized and respected by the courts, they're well versed in local laws and regulations.  Their assistance in these matters will be worth their weight in gold, helping you in ways that you may never have imagined. 

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