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Online Dating Investigation: Individual, Social Media, Criminal, Civil & More... 

It's important to look at all aspects of an individual when conducting a background investigation. Looking at the person as a whole, finding any red flags, checking records of all types, is vital. Our background investigations are conducted by a real person, not just a database.

Some of the items we look at:

  • Social networking information
  • Phone numbers and addresses
  • Email addresses
  • Family/ Acquaintances
  • Court, Criminal, Liens, Judgment Records 
  • Assets
  • Employment
  • Education
  • Shared Property
  • and More

We try and have a very comprehensive investigation research report within 3 days. Clients will have a background report within a day of placing an order, but it does take a few days for proper research to be completed. 

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*Online Dating investigations need a minimum of 3 hours. This is to ensure a minimum standard of quality. If more hours are desired for a more thorough investigation, both the customer and investigator will communicate that need. Customers are never charged without their approval. 



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