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About us

Who we are:

Taylor Payton Investigations is a full service investigation firm. We understand that hiring an investigator can be a difficult and personal decision, and we want to help answer any questions you may have. We are competitive and passionate about solving our clients problems.

We have a wide range of expertise due to the talents of our investigators. From
medical/ pharmaceutical issues, to domestic and corporate issues, to problem solving, our firm's experience ensures clients get the best results. Our team is comprised of Investigators and Project Managers with the following experience: Qui Tam, Medicare/Medicaid, Legal, Military, Federal Clearance, Law Enforcement, and more. 

Customers using our interview & statement services have an experience investigator conducting these services. We follow strict instructions and ensure the service stays on task and target. 

Customers using our background check service have a real person conducting the investigation by: making calls, doing research, and verifying multiple sources. This ensures a more reliable and in depth background check as compared to online database checks, which can be outdated, inaccurate, impersonal, and unreliable. 

    Our services include:

    • Investigations
    • Surveillance
    • Interviews & Statements
    • Background Checks
    • Information Gathering 
    • Problem Solving

    Things to remember:

    • We do not guarantee outcomes, but we work diligently, effectively, and tirelessly to provide the information our customers are seeking. 
    • Privacy and Confidentiality are part of our business philosophy, we will never discuss our clients cases with anyone.
    • Make sure to enter specific requests on the Shopping Cart Page. There are sections requesting information that will help us in your case.
    • Upload files on the Shopping Cart page if you would like for us to have pictures or documents that will help us in your case.

    Surveillance/ Investigation time estimates:

    • Unless you want the investigator to check on a piece of property, minimum of 3-5 hours is most likely needed for any surveillance job.
    • Most often, several days, at least a few hours a day, are needed to obtain verifiable and consistent information.

    Additional Costs:

    • First 100 miles there is no charge for mileage. Once the agent travels 100 miles, there is a $20 charge per 100 miles traveled for vehicle maintenance and gas purposes. 
    • Supplies are billed at cost, and is approved by the customer prior to purchasing if requested, such as a thumb drive, DVD, camera, recording device, etc.

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