We are currently looking to fill the following positions: 

Private Investigators: Conducts investigation and surveillance services. Must have license and insurance in the State you will be working. If working in Missouri, there is an option to work under the Agency license.

    For those looking to get into the Private Investigation business:

    • Each state has a board that oversees this type of business. Visit the state you wish to work in for their laws and statutes. Most states require a background check, fingerprinting, successful passing of competency test, insurance, and insurance.
    • There are classes that are available on-line to learn about the PI industry
    • Many in the investigation business have a degree in Criminal Justice
    • Successful investigators are good at blending in, adapting, being proactive, taking great video/photos, and documentation. 
    • If you want to sit in a car and collect a paycheck, this is not the industry for you, this type of work effort gives our business a bad name. 

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