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Taylor Payton Investigations

Interviews & Statements from $199

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Statements & Interviews are up to one hour per service. These are for statements, interviews, testifying, etc., that are at an agreed to place and time between our customer and the individual being interviewed. If there is additional time required, the cost per interview could increase per needs. If the interview is over 75 miles from an agent, an additional hour of time is required for the service for each 75 miles. Please call to confirm distance if the location is in a rural area. It is a minimum of 2 hours per interview/statement. 

Statement Taking, Interviews, Research, Testifying, More...

Click HERE for in-depth samples of the types of cases we service. 

When an event occurs, like a car accident, theft, a fraud, trip and fall, an injury, a workers’ compensation investigation, etc., it is important to know exactly what happened. We conduct our interviews, research, statement taking, and testify, per our customers. 

  • Work issues
  • Legal
  • Insurance
  • Accident
  • Medical
  • More...

We are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for our customers. If the customer, client, or party completes the interview/statement, isn't available, refuses service, or otherwise will not complete the interview/statement, for any reason, the service will be documented and considered complete. Their are no refunds for this service once contact is initiated via in person, phone, email, mail, or other method.