Introduction to Corporate Investigations

Introduction to Corporate Investigations

Many people are familiar with the concept of corporate investigations. They've seen the attention grabbing headlines, heard the whistleblowers and read the investigation reports. However, what most people would never guess is that every company, from the small mom and pop stores to the massive corporations all benefit from regular investigations.

Investigations can be done as the result of a wrongdoing committed by an employee or outside party or it can be done as part of a routine process which protects the business. Corporate investigations ultimately are a tool used by businesses to keep their companies lawful, trustworthy and profitable. 

 There are many different reasons why a company would need to hire a professional investigator. Some of the more routine reasons would be for background checks, especially for extremely visual or powerful positions in the company. A private investigator can also do background checks on possible partners, board members or even contractors and vendors. Background checks are especially necessary if an employee is a remote worker who doesn't have regular supervision. The sound piece of mind some background checks and investigating can give a business is really invaluable to employee morale and future profits. 

Another routine task of a professional investigator working for a business would be corporate monitoring. From brand and media monitoring to internet monitoring, an investigator can keep a company informed so they can make the proper decisions at the right time. Corporate monitoring can shine a light on any issues that may arise before they do thus not only saving the company hours of productivity and a great deal of profits, but it also keeps it's reputation intact in the eyes of it's stakeholders and clients. In today's digital age, a company can live or die by its reputation and the ability to mitigate any harm that may arise from an issue before it becomes too big is priceless. 

Some of the less routine but still incredibly important reasons for a company to hire a private investigator is to maintain lawfulness and profitability. The list of damages a business can take on is endless when it comes to issues of fraud, theft, non-compete agreement breeches, insurance scandals and workman's comp falsifications. To get to the bottom of these issues, the routes private investigators take vary.  Generally speaking, surveillance and witness testimony are some of the most commonly used. Some cases can also require computer and cell phone forensics or an undercover investigator. 

A lot of larger corporations have their own in house investigators who do the routine checks and are on hand for larger matters. It is advisable, however, for any corporation to hire an outside professional for the more delicate matters. If a business suspects corporate fraud or theft, it's best to hire a fresh set of eyes to come in and do the surveillance and interviews. If managers or owners try to do it themselves, generally they're too close to the source to be able to maintain objectivity. Even in house investigators are often ill equipped to handle sensitive matters or where extensive documentation and an unbiased eye are necessary. 

At the end of the day, a private investigator is an indispensable tool for businesses, both big and small. The time and money that can be saved through routine and incident specific investigations can make or break a lot of businesses. If you have any questions or would like more information about corporate investigations, check out our site

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