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Investigation & Surveillance (Corporate Clients) - Taylor Payton & Associates

Investigation & Surveillance (Corporate Clients)

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Investigation, Surveillance, Problem Solving, Consulting, Person Locate, More...

No matter what your Investigation or Surveillance need is, our observation of a person, place, or object, will be well documented, precises, reliable, and will remain confidential. 

  • Background Checks for appropriate subjects are included
  • Video, Photo, and Audio provided when available 
  • Complete investigation report provided when service completed
  • Confidential, Secure, Respectful 

We do not charge for background reports, research, report time, drive time to or from place of investigation, and only charge mileage after 100 miles at the start of the investigation day (very rare). We do not work more hours than requested without approval.

We are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for our clients. Expedited service available.

*We typically bill daily for this service. 

We usually bill per hour or by the day for these services. Net 30 terms and discounts are available. Please call to set up terms, create account, and inquire about discounted rate.