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Cell Phone Data Retrieval & Forensics (Corporate Clients) - Taylor Payton & Associates

Cell Phone Data Retrieval & Forensics (Corporate Clients)

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Cell Phones possess pictures, videos, calendars, contacts and text messages, instant messages, and more. The cell phone is the single largest piece of evidence most people have today. 

What we can potentially retrieve:
iPhone Messages
Instant Messages
Text Messages
Photo Messages 
Call Logs
Internet Browsing History
Social media
Nefarious or Unwanted Apps
Hacked Phone Check

For this service you must own the phone or have shared property access. We are able to recover this information but must have access to the device, even if it is for only an hour. We are unable to remotely do this, we need physical access to the phone. 

We will ship the phone back to you at no cost. The reports tend to be thousands of pages, and we can email you a link to the information and provide a USB drive as well. 

We also offer a service to retrieve the data from the phone without you sending it to us. We can retrieve the data from the phone in about an hour, sometimes quicker.